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Office Installations

Starting up a new business is exciting and we will work with you to provide you with everything you need from day one. We’ll work in partnership and, by understanding your goals, set up and install a solution that has the capacity to grow with you. From power sockets and data cabling through to broadband, telephony and PC requirements, our service will be delivered to your timescale and installs will take place outside of working hours to minimalise impact to your business.

IT Solutions

Every company is different and every company’s technology requirements are different. IT is a tool to do a job and we ensure that we understand your company and your five year plan so that we can deliver a solution that will be cost effective, robust, reliable and secure to enable your business to thrive. We’ll take care of everything, including procurement of hardware and software.

Cloud Services

Regardless of business size, working smarter and more efficiently gives you more time to focus on growing your business or focussing on the other important areas of your life. In simple terms, cloud services provides direct access over the internet to servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence which all deliver flexible solutions with economies of scale. This is because you only pay for cloud services you use which lowers your operating costs enabling you run your infrastructure more efficiently and scale up as and when your business needs to grow. Top benefits of Cloud Services


Eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software.


Cloud services are provided as both self service and on demand, so whether you need small amounts of computing power or much larger amounts, resources can be provisioned in minutes and all with a couple of clicks giving your business the flexibility it requires.


Cloud services remove the need to manage infrastructure, so your IT teams focus their time on delivering business goals.


Running on a worldwide network of secure data centres compared to infrastructure based on premise provides greater economies of scale.


Redundancy and Disaster recovery are all services which are located at multiple locations making backups and business continuity easier and less expensive.


Cloud Service providers build their solutions and resources around proven security technologies and controls which strengthen your security protocols, helping to protect you and your team from potential threats.

Graphic Design & Branding

Our philosophy for creating company identities starts with a coffee and relaxed conversation to understand your journey. Knowing who you are, your ethos, USP’s, your story of how you got here and where you want your journey to take you allows us to formulate what messages need to be conveyed pictorially and visually… From here, we start to piece together concepts and ideas which we present, talk through and fine tune. You will visualise how your company will look online, in social media and in print (and in lights)... Now is the time to add the finishing touches ahead of the ‘Big Reveal’.

With the project completed, all that is left to do is deliver our work in multiple formats allowing you to scale upwards and downwards so if you need to advertise on a billboard or you need an icon for social media, you have all the necessary files at your fingertips. Ready for us to put our virtual kettle on and send you a zoom invite?

Business Continuity

It's fair to say that Covid 19 has highlighted the need to have a stringent business continuity plan in place for when the next crisis comes out of the blue and hits us square on.

Business disruptions impact companies and organisations of all sizes and having being able to continue to run the business or organisation requires strategic planning to keep the wheels turning.

Keeping your team productive is a key component though this has to be delivered in a safe and secure environment.

Although you can’t predict when the next crisis will hit, we can prepare to enable seamless productivity for our workforce and all delivered with your apps and information held in a secure environment. Interested in planning for the next crisis? Let’s start a conversation.

Helpdesk & Support Options

Our Helpdesk service, based in the UK has one aim, to support you in real time to minimise downtime to your business. Our team of Engineers are highly experienced and are polite, professional and helpful. We have a ‘no geek speak’ policy so that our clients feel supported and you can either call us or email us with your issue. If you call, you’ll get straight through to a member of the team, no waiting, no voicemails. We offer a variety of options from Ad-Hoc billed in 15 minute increments through to unlimited 24/7 support. We judge our success on resolution time, not response time.

GDPR & DPO Consultancy

Understanding and implementing GDPR is a challenge for any sized company. Alongside this, once your company has achieved compliance, the ongoing assessment of processes and training new employees can have a big impact on resource. E2E provides GDPR consultancy to guide and support you.

Our service covers all bases and can be scaled up or down to fit your business and environment.

All-inclusive GDPR Service

  • Annual on-site visual audits with a full report and action plan
  • Ongoing staff training
  • Board updates
  • Board training
  • Policy writing and reviews
  • Breach/potential breach support with SLA’s – Initial response within 4 hours, site attendance within 1 working day
  • Data record suite (data matrix, supplier data matrix etc.)
  • All GDPR data support (Subject Access Request, Right to Rectification etc.) – Full service including full management of investigation, report writing, liaison with your clients and regulatory bodies
  • DPO services – registration with ICO, point of contact within your business etc. (if required)
  • Telephone and/or email support – queries, questions etc.

Cost from £1750 + VAT per annum

Monthly Subscription Service

  • Audit of your Data Protection Policies
  • Audit of your website
  • Audit of your Data Controller/Data Processor agreements (if applicable)
  • Audit of your digital and paper storage
  • Informal GDPR, what you need to know session, with key team members
  • All staff training session (if applicable)
  • Key guidelines to follow
  • Action Plan
  • Helpdesk support, including Data Breaches, Data Subject Access Requests etc.
  • Templates

Our subscription-based service has been specifically designed for businesses with up to 25 employees.  It’s non-intrusive and enables GDPR to wrap around your existing processes and procedures without disruption to your business.

Monthly cost: £49.00 + VAT
Annual cost: £549 + VAT

Ad-hoc, Interim and Emergency Support

  • Is your DPO unavailable?
  • Are you between DPO’s?
  • Need some ad-hoc help?
  • Need emergency support?
From general support and training through to managing a breach, we’re here to help.

Cost from £75.00 + VAT


If you want your products and services to found on the internet then SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a useful tool to give your website the visibility it needs to attract customers. With Google being the most popular search engine, most SEO is written with Google in mind. Google does share how its algorithms work to some degree and so you can do this yourself. It’s worth pointing out that whereas effective SEO will get customers to your website, it is not guaranteed to sell more products and services. In order for this to happen, your website needs to be set up correctly to sell online. However, if your time is served doing what you know best then talk to us over a coffee (and biscuits) about how we can optimise your business so you sell more and more on the internet.

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